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Our cozy Bingo blanket wrap shawls are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and warmth during chilly winter outings, while remaining both a fashionable and practical option for any situation. Unlike traditional neck scarves, which only cover the neck and offer no cold-weather protection for the rest of the body, our Bingo shawl sweaters provide warmth across your entire upper body, without the bulkiness of a full jacket.

Our Bingo sweaters come in a variety of colors and patterns, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear. All of our Bingo clothing is 100% lightweight acrylic, are brushed to be incredibly soft, and can be worn as a layered shawl, fashionable wrap, or a traditional scarf. Visit our retail store to see all of our Bingo apparel styles and patterns.


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Bingo Diva Shawls is happy to work with large business on wholesale, bulk orders. We offer two different models: The Bingo Diva Shawl and Bingo Balls Shawl. Both oversized Bingo blanket wrap shawls are 100% lightweight acrylic, brushed for softness, and can be worn as a shawl, wrap, or scarf. To learn more about our wholesale options, contact Cathleen Beckwood at

One of the biggest complaints brought up by casino and racetrack patrons, especially women, is the cold air that is found both inside and outside. While outdoor racetracks continue to operate throughout the chilly fall and winter months, there is little heating available to customers viewing the races. Complaints are similar during the warm summer months when the inside air conditioner is at full blast for those customers seeking to retreat from the heat.

Why not make your customers happy and increase your revenue at the same time? With Bingo Diva Shawls situated prominently in your retail stores, you can ensure that your female customers have access to an affordable, stylish garment to keep them warm. Our warm-weather Bingo apparel helps keep customers in your business longer, increasing sales in a three dimensional way.



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Cathleen Beckwood, the founder of Bingo Diva apparel and clothing, is a military veteran and entrepreneur who has been heavily involved in the bingo world since she turned 18 years old. Her long career in professional bingo served as the inspiration for Bingo Diva and Bingo Apparel, which was created in response to complaints from numerous women over the years regarding casino air conditioning and the frigid temperatures frequently found inside casinos and local community centers. Our Bingo Apparel scarves, shawls, and other apparel are high-quality, fashionable items designed by Cathleen to provide warmth and comfort inside of the casinos, bingo halls and chilled winter weather getting to your favorite game of BINGO.

Cathleen has won several Bingo championship series throughout her career. She has won Jackpot during Bingo tournaments at the following: Firecracker at Foxwoods resort casino Connecticut. Super gala at South Point casino Las Vegas, Power Bingo at Suncoast Casino Las Vegas and Indigo sky casino Seneca Oklahoma to name a few. In addition, she travels to different states to play Bingo four times a year. Cathleen is also a proud and active member of the Veterans of Foreign War organization.